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Catering and Party Services


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It's BBQ Time | Portland, OR | Catering Staff, Barbecue, Food, Bar Set-up
  • When do you arrive?
    Wearrive 1.5 – 2 hours prior to your event starting for set up. Some events require additional time.
  • How many servers will I need?
    Depending on the type of event, how many guests and if you will be using disposable plates, or real plates, eating utensils and glassware. If it is a Wedding you will need 3 servers per 100 guests if you are using disposables if real plates you will need 6.
  • Why do I need additional servers if we are doing real plates, etc?"
    There is quite a bite more handling with the real plates from the delivery, to clearing to getting them back into their containers vs just being able to toss the disposable plates in the trash.
  • What type of disposables do you use?
    For our Weddings and higher end type of events we use a high quality clear plastic plate and silver look silverware. Guests are very comfortable with these and it is is a great way to save some money on your event.
  • How much does it cost to have real plates vs high end clear plastic plates?
    You are looking at 5.00 per person if we provide, 3.00 if you or your venue provides plus the additional waitstaff.
  • How does you staff dress for a Wedding?
    Our staff will come dressed and ready to go with either white or black button up shirts and black pants (if the weather is very hot the female staff will be wearing black dress capris or skirts). For a more informal event they will be wearing our It’s Party Time Catering shirts and shorts. All with our black aprons.
  • What is the process to book the date or to find out if we are a good fit with your company?
    We will set up a no charge consultation to discuss your Wedding/Event in detail. We can help you with your time frame and additional ways that you might be able to cut you costs. We will also help you design your menu. Next we would set up a tasting for you to try some of the flavors and food items. Then you will need to provide a 50% deposit to hold the date (unless other arrangements are made). Then you are booked and your date is reserved.
  • Once I decide on a menu can I change it?
    Absolutely! The menu and guest count can change up until 2 weeks prior to your Wedding. Nothing is set in stone until then.
  • At the Tasting is there a charge for this?
    Yes we do charge a 40.00 tasting fee (for 2). We will provide 3-4 different flavors of chicken or pork. There are some items like the beef and pork tenderloin that we can not provide a tasting on as we can not prepare a whole roast for 2 people.
  • Can I bring my parents of Maid of Honor to the tasting?
    Yes but there is an additional 20.00 charge per person.
  • Do you provide the cake cutting at my Wedding or do I have to have family or friends do this?
    Yes we can provide the cake cutting or dessert serving at your Wedding.
  • Can you help me organize my whole Wedding, like an all-inclusive venue?"
    Yes I can provide and set up anything that you have in mind. I work with lots of venues and Wedding Professionals that can make your event an all-inclusive Wedding. Just let me know what you have in mind and I will help you with it.
  • What happens to the extra food?
    At the end of your event we will put any food that will be safe for your family of friends to take home with them.
  • Do we go through the line first or what?
    There are different options that you can do (it is YOUR Wedding so you get to choose). A. You can provide appetizers for your guests and they will wait for you to arrive. You can either go through the line first or our experienced staff can deliver a meal for the Bridal Couple. B. If you do not have it in your budget to provide the appetizers you can always let your guests go through the line first (they really do appreciate this especially if you are having a lot of pictures taken after the Wedding. We let your Guests know that the Bride and Groom have requested that their guests go through the line first and we prepare you a plate when you arrive. This way you are able to get as many pictures that you want without worrying about your guests
  • Why do I have to have appetizers?
    You don’t have to have them but if you are having any type of alcohol you will need to provide them due to the OLCC rules. It also keeps your guests busy and they are not wondering when you will arrive so they can eat.
  • Is the Service charge the wait staff Gratuity and how will I know how many will be at my event so I can plan ahead?
    No the 20% service charge is for insurance and overhead.
  • What should we tip the wait staff and Bar Tenders?
    The wait staff works very hard to make your Wedding/Event a great day for both you and your guests.
  • Should we Tip the staff
    The typical tip for each server is anywhere from 40.00 to 100.00 each. The office will let you know how many staff will be at your event so you can prepare to tip if you so desire
  • What happens if I have more guests show up than I accounted for?
    We do a guest count at your event and if you do have extra guests you will be charged for them. We do bring extra food just in case this happens because we do not want to have to tell your guests that there was not enought food for them. You will be expected to pay on the day of your event for the extra guests.
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